Climate Change and Sustainable Development


GIGABYTE is very much aware of the gradual degradation
in the Earth's climate and environment due to global warming.
As a global citizen, we have introduced clean production systems,
developed energy saving products, improved production processes
and increased our efficiency. We have also implemented the ISO14064
greenhouse gas inventory system and published greenhouse gas
reports to explain our company's greenhouse gas inventory and
management information. The initiatives enable us to track our
greenhouse gas emissions, promote total participation and achieve
consensus. At the same time, we are continuing to promote greenhouse
gas reduction projects to help slow the rate of global warming and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target and Timetable
GIGABYTE strives to develop low-carbon technology and has set carbon reduction targets. In Taiwan, 2007 has been set as the baseline year with a target of a 20% reduction in emissions from internal activities by 2015. In China, the baseline year is 2009 and the target is a 15% reduction in emissions from internal activities by 2015. For the Group as a whole we aim to reduce carbon emissions from internal activities by 20% compared to 2009 by 2020.

Response to Climate Change
With global warming continuing to increase in severity, GIGABYTE knows that the environment and enterprise are dependent on each other so if there is no sustainable environment then there can be no sustainable enterprise. Our initiatives are therefore aimed at offering true environmental benefits, improving energy and resource use efficiency, developing green products and promoting green consumption. In 2010 GIGABYTE conducted a greenhouse gas and product carbon footprint inventory in order to improve and continue to enhance the resource utilization efficiency of the products. We also practice various energy-saving and carbon reduction measures in everyday life. By treating ecology, living and production as a trinity, we aim to optimize our sustainable business development. Our current initiatives in this area are listed below.

Environmental Education
Apart from 1 ~ 2 hours of quality and environmental legislation training for new employees, personnel also undergo increasingly demanding training based on their role to increase environmental awareness and strengthen green product competitiveness.

Energy and Water Conservation
Warning signs are displayed near conference rooms to remind users to turn off the lights when they leave. Water-saving initiatives are displayed on washroom doors to encourage employees to conserve water.

Implementation of 5S
Monthly audits are conducted in accordance with the 5 principles of 5S: Seiri (Sorting), Seiton (Stabilization), Seiso (Sweeping), Seiketsu (Standardizing) and Shituke (Practice). Penalties are issued for non-compliance and the emphasis is on employee introduction of environmental protection through 5S.

Individual Sorting of Rubbish
Rubbish sorting is now carried out by employees instead of the cleaning staff. Self-sorting helps employees think about the problem of waste before their next purchase and adopt the necessary waste reduction measures.

Stairs Instead of Elevators
Signs are displayed in front of the elevators encouraging employees to take stairs expected to live longer.

Bicycle Parking
To encourage employees to cycle to work, bicycle parking areas are provided at the offices and equipped with bicycle racks for securing bicycles.

Weekly Vegetarian Day
To reduce excess greenhouse gas emissions from meat production, employees can participate in the two voluntary vegetarian days each week. GIGABYTE has provided long-term assistance with group orders of vegetarian lunch boxes.

Video Conferencing
To reduce energy consumption from use of transportation, inter-plant training and conferences are now carried out through video conferencing.

Disposable Cutlery Not Provided at Cafeteria
Company cafeterias provide only metal cutlery to reduce waste.

Encouraging Employees to Participate in Outdoor Activities
GIGABYTE encourages employees to participate in activities such as jogging, hiking, mountain climbing, marathon running and swimming across the Sun Moon Lake. The activities not only improve employee health and the company's corporate image but also enhance employees' environmental awareness through exposure to Mother Nature.
In the future, GIGABYTE will continue to promote various energy-saving/carbon-reduction initiatives and environmental education. Apart from the benefits for employee health, this will also make a contribution to the planet and encourage a symbiotic approach to existence. We shall continue to uphold the philosophy of "Upgrade Your Life" in order to realize the goal of sustainable business development.

Green Sustainability Development Committee
GIGABYTE set up the "WEEE/RoHS Committee" in 2005 in response to the EU WEEE and RoHS environmental directives. The Committee was responsible for formulating measures in response to regulations, the promotion of environmental issues in the plants and training. In 2009, the Committee was renamed the "GIGABYTE Green Sustainability Development Committee" to expand the promotion of green issues. Sustainable development was confirmed as a future management goal in order to make a contribution to environmental, social and economic sustainability. Monthly inter-business unit and inter-plant meetings are held to promote green sustainability development initiatives within GIGABYTE. The following short-, medium- and long-term targets have now been set:
• Short-term:Implement environmental safety and commitments, guarantee that products satisfy customer and environmental requirements, and educate all employees on customer's requirements for the product environmental management system.
• Medium-term:Establish an organizational greenhouse gas and carbon footprint performance indicator system to effectively reduce product carbon emissions and environmental impact on a continuous basis.
• Long-term:Promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), create customer value and environmentally friendly products, and fulfill CSR.

The Committee is currently chaired by the company CEO with the head of Quality Policy Management Division as the convener. The deputy conveners are the heads of each business group, R&D managers at GIGABYTE subsidiaries and the head of General Engineering. Apart from collecting and introducing customer requirements and international environment regulations into the R&D process, roles and tasks have also been assigned to materials purchasing, manufacture, shipping and after-sales service of green products. The division of labor facilitates the promotion of green sustainability activities and continuous improvements in order to achieve the targets set by the GIGABYTE Green Sustainability Development Committee.