Community Care


GIGABYTE not only engages in social charity through the
"GIGABYTE Education Foundation" but also sponsors
education promotion activities by non-government and
non-profit organizations in line with our ideal of
"Care about Society and Sustainable Development".
These have involved technology education, organizing the
"Great Design Contest", sponsorship of art & cultural performances,
donations to disadvantaged groups, purchase of agricultural products
as well as co-organizing eco-conservation classes and seminars.
Technology Education Community Care
1. Organizing of the annual "Great Design Contest" 1. Organizing of senior citizens' computer classes
2. Technology-on-campus events 2. Donating of charity goods to disadvantaged groups in Xindian before the Lunar New Year
3. School visits 3. Organizing of joint blood donation drives in Xindian
4. Providing scholarships to students with family problems in the Xindian district

Social Charity
1. At the end of each year the GIGABYTE Education Foundation launches the "Love at GIGABYTE" end-of-year fund-raiser. GIGABYTE employees, dependents, their children and supporters are asked to make charitable donations through "one-time donation" (deduct donations for 12 months in one payment), "fixed amount regular donation” (fixed deduction from monthly salary for 12 months) and "voluntary donation" (employee fills out the amount to donate for deduction from their salary). The funds raised from these three donation methods mainly go towards:
(1) Providing scholarships to students with family problems in the Xindian district
(2) Donating to the Children's Hearing Foundation's early intervention for hearing impaired children
from disadvantaged families
(3) Donating to the Tzu Chi's long-term welfare clients and single parent families

2. GIGABYTE has launched employee donation drives for major local and overseas disasters including Typhoon Morakot and the Fukushima Tsunami. The spirit of charity is part of the GIGABYTE ethos and we have always launched fundraising drives right away to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Purchase of Agricultural Products
Purchasing agricultural products direct from the producers not only protects farmers' interests but also offers more guarantee of product quality due to pre-purchasing checks. Employees are then able to purchase products that are safe, pesticide-free and fresh at lower-than-market rates. Group buys of agricultural products helps farmers avoid being exploited so the arrangement is mutually beneficial. GIGABYTE not only regularly organizes internal group buys of agricultural products but also offers each employee shopping credits worth $6,000 each year for purchasing locally-grown produce in support of quality agriculture. Previous group buys of products included:
1. Grapes from Puxin 8. Oriental Pears from Xinshe
2. Sweet Potato from Shuilin Township瓜 9. Pomelo from Bali
3. Asian Pears from Wuling 10. Sweet Yams from Jinshan
4. Persimmons from Wuling Farm 11. Irwin Mangoes from Yujin and Nanhua
5. Citrus from Gukeng 12. Nectarines from Wuling
6. Bananas from Guoxing, Nantou 13. Nashi Pears from Dongshan
7. Pomelo from Hegang, Hualien 14. Sesame Oil from Xigang