Yeşilci Aksiyon Planı


In 2010 GIGABYTE launched the "Green Action Plan" for organizing activities that emphasize the importance of conservation, carbon reduction and environment protection. Through the activities, employees' environmental awareness as well as the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for environmental protection can be enhanced and incorporated into their work and everyday life. The Green Action Plan represents the new GIGABYTE culture, promotes the concept of Eco-Design to all employees, creates new value from green products and supports the search for sustainable corporation and environment development.

The Green Action Plan was very successful in 2011. The total amount of CO2 emissions from the activities during the year were reduced by 86,132 kg and 62,439 hours of environmental education were hosted. 322.5 kg of maritime waste were collected in beach clean-up events, giving employees the opportunity to personally take part in improving the seashore environment and review the causes of maritime pollution. A clean and natural seashore is essential to the natural development of the seaside, littoral belt and maritime creatures. Only then can the rich and diverse maritime biological resources of Taiwan's seashore be restored. A total of 614 trees were planted as part of tree-planting events and will absorb a total of more than 6 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. Forestation is one of the most effective and low-cost methods for regulating the climate and protecting the land. Using indigenous plants of Taiwan for forestation ensures that soil and water resources can be preserved and ecological sustainability can be assured. At all company seminars and events during the year, a total of 9,870 meat-based lunch boxes were replaced by vegetarian lunch boxes.

Celebrity Seminars
The celebrity seminars of the Green Action Plan focus on three directions: energy-saving and carbon reduction, environmental design and sustainable corporation development. Leading local experts and academics are invited to share their knowledge and increase the environment-related knowledge of all employees. Past seminar topics included:
1. Love the Earth by Protecting the Environment
2. Challenges and Opportunities in the Low-Carbon Era
3. Sustainable Management Strategies
4. Global Green Sustainable Enterprise Challenge
5. Do-it-Yourself LOHAS
6. Indicators for a Low-Carbon Life
Environmental Education
Green Action Plan organized many seminars and activities so that employees' environmental awareness as well as the knowledge, attitudes and skills required for environmental protection can be enhanced and incorporated into their work and everyday life:
1. Save Energy and Reduce Emissions with Tzu Chi's 5 Good Deeds a Day
2. Greening: From Seed to Pot Plant
3. Saving Electricity: Green Collar Learning AAA
4. Beach Clean-up: Wetlands of Formosa
5. Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Emissions to Save the Planet
6. Global Warming and the Response to Global Warming
7. Cancer Prevention through Healthy Living, Global Warming Prevention through Environmental Protections
8. Creative Aesthetics vs. Practical Living
Outdoor Activities
The outdoor experiences of environmental activities can effectively enhance employees' support for environmental protection and can translate into skills that can be used for environmental protection. GIGABYTE has therefore organized the following activities to improve environmental awareness among employees.
1. Experience the Environmental Culture of Tzu Chi Recycling Depots
2. Cloud Sea, Indigo Dye and Glow Worms
3. Jingualiao River Conservation and Carbon-free Cycling
4. Earth Housing at Ergeshan
5. Low-Carbon LOHAS Culture Tour
6. Environmental Cultural Experience & Glow Worm Adventure
7. Century-Old Fishing Village and Sustainable Community
8. Low-Carbon Fish Conservation and Tea Exploration
Charity Activities
GIGABYTE knows that air and sea pollution are the most serious trans-border pollution issues in the world today. We support national and global environment days while also encouraging the industry and the general public to become more involved in environmental protection. Activities that GIGABYTE supported in 2011 included:
1. Taoyuan County Government's tree-planting event in the High Speed Rail district
2. 2011 Earth Day: A Billion Acts of Green
3. Taoyuan County Government's beach clean-up at Yong-an Fishing Harbor
4. Wazhiwei Beach Clean-up for World Maritime Day
5. September 17 Clean Up the World Day
6. "1 Tree per Person, Yes, I can do" tree-planting event
7. "Setting a Good Example to Protect the Planet" tree-planting Event
8. Linshanbi Wetlands Conservation
Green Ideas
Employees were invited to submit their green ideas in the three categories of "Energy Conservation", "Environment Protection" and "Green Product". Employees were then asked to vote on all proposals. Notebook computers were awarded to the top five proposals, and those that vote also received a gift as well for encouraging all employees to take an interest in green issues. The voting results can also be used by GIGABYTE as a reference for future environmental improvements and product designs. This not only increases employees' identification with green ideas initiatives but also encourages them to embrace environmentalism from the heart.