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GIGABYTE is the Exclusive Motherboard Sponsor of IEM
As the official motherboard and graphics cards sponsor for the Intel Extreme Masters, GIGABYTE has equipped IEM contestants with hardware specifically geared to allow gamers perform at their best. GIGABYTE G1™ motherboards and GIGABYTE graphics cards deliver top-notch features that matter most to gamers. From incorporating industry-leading GIGABYTE AMP-UP Audio technologies that allow gamers and audiophiles to experience crisp, ultra-realistic sound effects while gaming and the richest possible sound experience while listening to their favorite music and movies, to ultra-fast graphics performance for a truly immersive gaming experience, GIGABYTE gaming products are designed for gamers that aren’t satisfied with second best....more

GIGABYTE Secret OC Session Unlocks 9 World Records, 23 Global 1st and 25 Hardware 1st for New X99-SOC Champion Overclocking Motherboard
7 of the world's best overclockers were invited to the GIGABYTE OC lab in Taiwan to test out the new GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion motherboard. After 7 days of almost nonstop benching, the team of elite overclockers achieved a total of 9 World Records, 23 Global Firsts and 25 Hardware Firsts all using the X99-SOC Champion. On top of that, HiCookie also managed to reach the Highest DDR4 Memory Clock Worldwide Overall Ranking for X99 motherboards with a frequency of 4014.6 MHz (Quad Channel). Lastly, 4 additional World Records were also achieved using the already famous Z97X-SOC Force....more
Bringing a Compact, Yet Powerful Solution to the GIGABYTE X99 Gaming Lineup
GIGABYTE announced the new X99M-Gaming 5, a mATX addition to its X99 lineup based on the Intel® X99 chipset with support for the new Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme Edition (Haswell-E) processor and latest DDR4 memory support.With the GIGABYTE X99M-Gaming 5 motherboard, the ultimate gaming station does not have to be bulky and expensive. With a compact, yet feature rich design, the X99M-Gaming 5 is an affordable solution packed with high-end features including GIGABYTE AMP-UP audio technologies, onboard SATA-Express and M.2 ports for fast data transfers, and a Killer gigabit Lan port from Qualcomm Atheros for better online gaming performance....more
RÜYA MAKİNA - GIGABYTE X99 Serisi Anakartlar
X99 Serisi Intel Core i7 Ayrıcalıklı Versiyon işlemcilerini ve DDR4 hafıza'yı destekleyen ilk GIGABYTE anakartlarıdır. GIGABYTE X99 Serisi anakartlar tamamen dijital güç düzaynına sahip olmasının yanında en son jenerasyon M.2 ve SATA bağlanılabilirliği ve Thunderbolt genişletilebilirlik özelliklerine sahiptir. GIGABYTE X99 anakartlarının kendi bilgisayarlarını oluşturmak isteyen kullanıcılar için şimdide diğer özelliklerini gösterelim.  GIGABYTE X99 Serisi Anakartlar hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için